Show Review: 510

This is a response to Rick Sadler’s review…. You nailed it!!! I’m almost 47, and this was my 18-20th Social D show since 1990. I don’t go to see them for nostalgia, for that feeling of "Oh man, this song takes me back to ________!" So many of Ness’s songs are timeless, and through the years they still mean so much to me RIGHT FUCKING NOW. I mean, christ, the line "I looked at the holes in my jeans, and I turned and headed back" is not about holes in blue jeans. Goddamn, that really is the story of my life. And the new stuff he writes is always spot fucking on. Ness isn’t rewriting "Prison Bound" and "Sick Boy," exploiting his core fans like some punk rock version of Steve Tyler. He stays true to who he is and where he is in life, and that is why the oldsters like us stay with him and keep turning up at the shows and jumping and fist pumping and singing (okay, SHOUTING!) along with every lyric. The next CD will probably be another homerun, if "Can’t Take It With You" and "Bakersfield" are indicative of the overall content. Keep rockin’ and keep keepin’ it real (stupid fucking lazy assed cliche but it works here), Mike Ness, and Rick Sadler and all the other hardcore fans from 12 to 70, keep showing up at the shows. Saw one in Allentown and one it Atlantic City, NJ last weekend, and they were as good as any shows I’ve seen. Fuckers got a lot of rock left in them.