Show Review: 510

Social D never disappoints, it was another great show. Although Mike Ness is 100% right, moving from an old ice rink to a roller rink does suck. unfortunately it seems that Pittsburgh is just big enough to occasionally attract the bigger punk bands, but not big enough to really support a full time venue for it. unless someone else great comes though, i don’t think i will ever be going back to the Ches-A-Rena. i was standing towards the back and watched the bouncers eject at least 8 people. all night they were prowling around obviously looking for a fight, and as i was leaving i watched about half a dozen of them drag a kid (probably about 120 lbs soaking wet) down the stair case, punching him in the face as they went. then they through him in to the street for the cops to arrest. i’ve never seen anything like this at any social d show i have EVER been to before. i have a hard time believing this behavior from security was justified since in my experience this is unprecedented at a social d show. other than that, an amazing live show! hope you guys can come back to pittsburgh very soon, and hopefully we will have a better venue to host you at the next time around.