Show Review: 510

First of all the Ches-a-rena is an old skating rink that lacks good acoustics, has too much "security" with attitude problems, a ceiling that looks ready to fall on you, and on top of that, with so much security, allows moshing at "All Ages Shows", I don’t have a problem with moshing, but not with little kids around getting crushed. Besides that the bands mostly rocked! The first band, a 2 piece called "Second Class Rut" that reminded me of the White Stripes or a lesser talented Local H, played loudly and you couldn’t hear a word the vocalist sang except when he screamed. Next, The Strangers came out and played a good set, good punk rock, tight music. When Social D hit the stage the place blew up! Mike Ness and the band Kicked Ass. They played all the favorites and some new stuff like "Bakersfield" which Mike introduced by saying "Have you ever been stuck somewhere that you really hated, somewhere that you couldn’t wait to get the hell out of, but just could not get away? We played in Bakersfield and I think this is where fun goes to die. It was like being stuck at a Creed show or being stuck on the shitter with no toilet paper." A good song regardless. The highlight for me was when Mike announced they would be going into the studio in January to record a new album. And then they played a new song called "Stay Alive" which RAWKED! They also played all the favorites but "Reach For The Sky" made my night. I am looking forward to seeing them next year supporting the new album, hopefully in a different venue. You guys rock, thanks for the music! Cannot wait for the new album.