Show Review: 510

This was atleast my 20th visit to the Social Distortion experience and this ride never gets old. I have seen Mike and crew through four drummers, three bass players, two rhythm players, and the eventual inception of a piano player. Mike remains the constant, the rock, the consumate. I’ve watched shows in about every run down theater, ice/roller skating rinks, dive bars, on the east Coast and beyond. Howerer, that one constant that can’t be replaced is the crowd. That smelly,sweaty, tangled, swirling mass of unbridled energy gives every Social D show the atomosphere that punk rock demands. Eventhough, this was by far the shittiest place I have ever seen Social Distortion, man, that fucking crowd ruled. So, my Social D bretheren, I salute you for again not failing to give back to Mike Ness what he has delivered for years….Passion !