Show Review: 509

Man ….I hope Mike Ness reads all this stuff. Seen the show at "The Wedge" in Ohio (oct 2nd) and it was great as any and all other shows i’ve seen of Social D. Heres the "good" part…….does anyone remember the woman Mike handed the microphone over to at the end of one of the songs ( i forget which song…..sorry) ?? Anyone?? Mike ?? Remember ?? LMAO Mike….I i apolagize for my over zealous and very drunk wifes outburst !! LOL But thanx for giving her a mike and a chance to really embarass herself ! wow ! If anyone would have bet me a grand that my ol’ lady would have your microphone in her hand that night….I’d have said, naaaaa…..not a chance !! Jokes on me !! But ya did call her a bitch cuz you came from California and we only came from Detroit. Funny stuff. I used to think you were pretty cool……but now…….Hell I think your the coolest cat ever Ness !!!!! How cool is it when Mike Ness calls your ol’ lady a bitch ??? SWEET !!! LMAO !!! I’m sure you don’t give a crap anyway, but no hard fellings on my behalf…..cant say that for my wife though. LOL Ahh…..dont ya love it when people drink too much ?? Awesome show brother— as always. Can’t wait till ya get in our neck of the woods again. I’ll leave the better half at home !! LMAO Rock on !!!