Show Review: 508

This was my first time seeing the band — after following Mike & co. since 1990 — and despite an abbreviated set, I was not disappointed. Judging by the reaction of the (sold out?) crowd, neither was the rest of the audience. The show started strong, with songs from the early days, and moved into more recent — and even new — songs. The energy level of the band and the crowd was high, but there was one problem. As Mike put it to us, "It only takes one a**hole to ruin a show. Tonight some a**hole spilled a pitcher of beer on the sound board." So the performance was hindered by an intermittent — but loud — burst of static. The crowd made the best of it though. For example, "Sometimes I Do" started with Mike having neither vocal mic nor guitar. Finally the board got patched about a verse into the song. The audience cheered wildly as Mike’s guitar rang out and he returned to vocal duties. Unfortunately, because of these technical issues, the show was cut short by 3 songs. Despite some screw-up who (literally) can’t hold his liquor, it was a great show and I’m looking forward to seeing them again to support the new album Mike said they were heading in to record in January. After the show, we hung out to meet the band, and my wife got her picture taken with Mike, which I believe to her was worth the price of the ticket alone! To the band: thanks for a great show! Looking forward to the next one! And the set list… The Creeps Another State of Mnd Mommy’s Little Monster Sick Boys Don’t Drag Me Down Ring of Fire Bad Luck Highway 101 Reach for the Sky Can’t Take it With You (new) Ball and Chain Bakersfield (new-ish) Nickels and Dimes Sometimes I do ( no vocals of mike guitar) Still Alive (new) –Cut From Set — Prison Bound Alone and Forsaken (Hank Williams Cover) Story of My Life