Show Review: 507

Awesome awesome show. 3rd timer live, collector of most things S.D. has recorded….show was really tight, sound was fabulous, and the crowd was great – except for the dude who yelled out "Newport Beach" when Mike was intro’ing ‘Bakersfield’…what a dumbshit. That kind of blew Mike away and was a little embarrasing actually, like we’re all a bunch of out of touch farmers. Nope – that idiot was a stand alone! Opening act ‘M.C. Rut’ were excellent – very original – the drummer was out of control with energy and timing, beats the hell out of that Barker guy; the sound these 2 guys put out is amazing. The Strangers???? Played well, but way too much of a copy – nothing unique, no unique sound, really bland. Lead singer needs to change his image, does not work. Social Distortion – ya’ll keep rocking and we’ll see you on the road…..