Show Review: 507

What can i even say about this. I got into Soc. D. not even a year ago and there by far my favorite band and just amazing. Middle Class Rut was phenomonal…there a 2 piece band but you wouldn’t know it listening to them, Zack Lopez the singer/guitarist has an amazing voice thats way powerful and can play guitar extremely well. Sean Stockham the drummer was amazing as well, i have never seen anyone pound the drums as hard as him, he was bouncing off his stool he was playin so intense. The Strangers weren’t bad, the music was spot on but they just weren’t my style really but i do give em props they sounded great. Then Soc. D. came on and the place went nuts, they started old school with the creeps, another state of mind and mommy’s little monster. These songs sound even better now than they did back then because of how much better they are in their ages. I was right up front so i was fighting people tryin to take my spot which was annoying but it was such an amazing spot cuz it was about 10 feet to the right from center stage so Mike and Johhny would come directly in front of me and play there leads or just rock. Mike was so close that, not once, but twice he sprayed me with water and it was just awesome lol. I won’t give you the rest of the songs they played in case your plannin on going to a show but i will tell you that i was really excited for 3 songs and heard all of them. Prison bound, Highway 101 and my fav. song of theres at the moment which is Sometimes I Do, and this one i didn’t really expect to hear but when those opening chords came on i was in heaven. Overall amazing show though and they sound spot on musically and vocally. GREAT JOB SOCIAL DISTORTION!!!!!