Show Review: 505

Just seen you at the Ryman in Nashville. Perfect venue for the best concert of my life. I was gonna see you in 97 in Pitt. or clevland, but as usual "Bad Luck", story of my life as well. I’ve been listening to you for years and you just keep getting better. I was afraid that when the new album came out it would be like the rest of the few bands that remain from my youth and just not be up to par. Your new album shows your growth, so just keep them coming! I’ve got the Social D skeleton tattoo on my side standing above my Aces and eight cards and my snake eyes dice. It’s just a start, gonna add upside down horseshoe, #13(my fav day), and some old hotrods as time and money allow. Can’t wait to catch you guys agAin. Maybe Indy and bogArts along with nashvegAs next time. Keep rockin!!! You need to come to Owensboro, ky for the bluegrass fest. Bill Monroe was born the next county over.