Show Review: 505

The Show: Kansas City, MO Sat. Sept 26th Beaumont Club The show in Kansas City on Saturday September 26, 2009 was an outstanding work of craftsmanship. The band played songs from each of their records, as well as a few covers and new tracks. As each songs would begin, one by one the crowd would grow excited and erupt, singing along. I found myself with a sore throat in the end, albeit a well earned and expect sore throat. I have to admit, I had never seen Social Distortion before. I am a big fan. I have been for some time, and now that I have seen them live – I kick myself for all the shows I have missed and swear to make it to as many shows as I can from this point forward. If you have never seen Social Distortion play, do yourself a favor and go! If you have seen them play, I don’t need to tell you – I think you already know. As the show opened, in a haze of smoke with colored lights, the opening riffs jumped thought the crowd and we were overtaken. The raw power of the music in the early years was on full display right away. They opened with three songs dating back to the days of touring the country in an old school bus with Youth Brigade. The Creeps, Another State of Mind, and Mommies Little Monster helped lay the ground work for the bands career as well as their live show. When Johnny started the opening riff to Sick Boy the crowed exploded again and everyone sang along, creating an energy that could not be ignored. The energy level remained as the band played on. We all chanted along with Sometimes I Do, and Can’t Take It With You. We all sang along to Ball and Chain and to the Story of My Life, and dreamed of the ocean and the palm trees along the California Coast when the played Highway 101. Social Distortion helped make Saturday night unforgettable. It was an incredible show. I feel luck to have been there with some of my closes friends. If you have tickets to see them play, you are in for a treat. If Social Distortion comes to your city and you are not there, you have missed out. Thank for a great show in KC, see you the next time around! Robby Perry Oklahoma City, OK