Show Review: 502

I’m so psyched that Johnny and the guys from Strangers came into our bagel shop! I just want to tell you guys that when the tickets for Tuesday sold out, my little heart broke into pieces and I damn near cried. I heard my first Social D song, Winners and Losers, working at a ski shop in New Mexico when I was 14, and ever since, I’ve been aching to make it to a show! It meant so much that I was able to meet such nice people, and that I was able to see your kick-ass show in the tiny Mesa Theater! (Plus, I’m pretty sure Johnny also saw me dancing in the kitchen when I was celebrating the fact that I was actually going to be there… slightly embarrassing, but hey, I was excited!) I absolutely LOVED Bakersfield and Reach for the Sky! Thanks again guys, that was an amazing way to see an even more amazing show! Lindsay