Show Review: 500

In the summer of 2006, I went to the myspace page of SOCIAL DISTORTION. They only had 4 songs on their profile, but I listened to them at least 100 times! I was hooked into how good the lyrics were and how great the sound was. So I remember I went to BORDERS and bought "SEX, LOVE, N ROCKNROLL" I remember getting into my truck and opening the CD and popping it in, the first song "REACH FOR THE SKY" I fucking loved it, I remember I drove home and I just kept driving til the WHOLE cd was done. EVERY single god damn track was beautiful, I’ve listened to that album at least 1000 times since. SO this past weekend I saw SOCIAL D LIVE! For the first time, and surley not the last! It was EPIC! something i’ve been waiting for, for years! The concert opened with 2 Awesome opening punk bands, then ….the lights went off, and this soft spanish music whispered from the speakers, and 1 by 1 the members of SOCIAL D came out. IMMEDIATLEY, they kick into "ANOTHER STATE OF MIND" it was fuckin surreal, And I was front row! I couldn’t believe I was right there seeing the man, MIKE NESS, who’s lyrics have helped me get threw my life so many times! They played A LOT of songs i wanted to hear, even NEW SONGS! :D It was one of the best things to happen to me this year! They played this new song called "STILL ALIVE" a song about staying alive even in times of hardships! It was so gooood. It was my 3rd concert i’ve been to in my life, my first punk rock show, and it was incredible, jumping up and down and rocking out. Everyone was drenched in sweat and it was beautiful!