Show Review: 491

Came over from Ohio, got there early. Stopped at a bar to warm up for the show, met some cool people. One, this is funny because later I see him playing drums for the Strangers. He gave no indication that he was in the band. I ask him if he had been to the egyptian room before, he said a few times back in the day. We drank a beer and he said he wasn’t from Indy, obviously. We talked music then he went back to texting. I then met a girl who went by ‘Mojo’. We walk to this old church near the venue, smoked a J and I haven’t smoked in years I was like what the Fuk its Social D. We went to the show and I was out of my mind stoned. The Strangers set was great, Civet even better. Mostly eye candy!!! Social D was as always the best. Mike made fun of all the garage sales he saw on his way over to the show. All the best to the guys and all the fans who showed up, especially the doll with the Elvis tattoo. If anybody has a extra tour poster, hit me up, I’ll pay much $$