Show Review: 476

While I was living and working in Berlin as a bar tender, I grew accustomed to long nights behind the bar, consuming a steady diet of beer and hash, and meeting all the ready and willing German woman one could ever want! Couldn’t believe I was getting paid for it! It was a dream! However, in Berlin, the music scene is definitely techno/electronic. At times, I missed just going to a good old fashion rock show and rockin’ out! When Social Distortion came to Berlin, I just had to go! The venue was outdoors in the courtyard of an old fort and it was surrounded by a moat. Really midevil looking and cool! There were vendors serving up some awesome German BBQ, and the beer flowed liberally, as always in Germany! I was pumped up by the time Social D took the stage! I hadn’t heard any live rock in close to a year at that point! So the show started, and was great! Sort of… Just two things kind of sucked. First, I found Germans don’t really rock out at concerts. They just kind of stand there and don’t show much energy or excitement! No dancing or anything! I thought that was kind of lame, but hell, at least I was having a good time dancing up a storm, even if the other concert goers weren’t! There was one problem though, and it kind of spoiled the night for me.! Not really the bands fault… But more like the promoters or whoever it is that schedules their venues? The problem was, after traveling all away across the city to come to the show, Social D’s set only lasted about 35-40 minutes and than abruptly ended! Just when I was really getting into it! Apparently there’s a noise ordinance in Spandau, and live music couldn’t go on after a certain time! I don’t think the band even knew until that night, because they apologized for cutting short and explained they had to stop because of the noise curfew! People were really dissapointed, as was I. A lot of somber faces leaving the show! I got a make up show about four months later when I got to see the band again on this side of the pond, at Hampton Beach, NH. I just noticed Social Distortion will be back at Hampton Beach next week? I’m so there! That will be three Social D shows in 12 months! Can’t wait! You guys rock!