Show Review: 475

A truly incendiary show! I first saw the transcendent power of Social Distortion live back in ’92, whilst travelling through America in Cleveland, Ohio and have been inspired by them ever since. This London show was a fantastic celebration of all they’ve achieved, and is the biggest venue they’ve played in the UK so far. The path forward has been ever onwards – Camden Underworld, Highbury Garage, London Astoria and now the SBE. They played on all four cylinders and really levitated the place. A Social D live show truly is a blend of Sex, Love and Rock and Roll I think! The Durango Riot and The Bones really managed to help charge the atmosphere as the country’s Rock ‘n Roll loving inhabitants slowly filled the venue to capacity, and then at 9:30pm Social Distortion came on and blitzed the place. Songs I remember included ‘The Creeps’, ‘Mommy’s Little Monster’, ‘Don’t Drag Me Down’, ‘Story of My Life’, ‘Reach For The Sky’, ‘Nickels and Dimes’, ‘Sometimes I Do’, ‘Bad Luck’, ‘Sick Boys’, ‘Prison Bound’, ‘Ring of Fire’, ‘Highway 101’, ‘Ball & Chain’ as well as three new songs and I think a song by Hank Williams. A truly fantastic set that really struck a mainline to the heart. Personal highlights? Hard to say as it was all so excellent, but I think ‘Reach For the Sky’ and ‘Don’t Drag Me Down’ were exceptional and the atmospheric lighting and general ambience created for ‘Prison Bound’ was above and beyond. I would love to have heard ‘Angels Wings’ (maybe next time?) but for 2009 this was the show of the year I think and helped send us electric shocks of pure Rock n Roll – inspirational! Steve Machine