Show Review: 458

So I guess I am the only one to review the show at the Fox in Oakland? Let me start by saying it is without a doubt the best place to see a show in the Bay area. Mike Ness said it himself at the show. It was was opening night at the Fox. They have not had a show at this venue in 43 years! So the crowd was pumped, there was a very good vibe on this night.For a Social D. Fan, this was heaven! They have done a great job restoring the theater, it is a first class venues with many bars in the place, great atmosphere, and it is right across the street from BART. Now the music. The band came out and started a bit slow if I’m being honest… Hell they have not played a show as Social Distortion in quiet a while, so that was to be expected. This was the 5th time I have seen the band, so I have something to compare it to. Over all the band was tight and Mr. Ness was in fine voice! I was sitting directly behind the sound guy, so I figure I had the best sound in the place. If it was the best spot to listen to the band, then they need to dial in the sound a bit at the Fox… Either that, or the sound man needs to take his hands off the ass of the blonde that was standing next to him and slow down on the red wine! Maybe he needed to pay a bit more attention to the band! But, the show over all was fun and the band played well. I loved that there was a mix of people and ages. I saw quite a few of mommies little monsters running around the place. Pretty cool if you can say that Social D. was your first show when you were 4 years old. I was way stoked to hear some of my favorites, and some songs that I did not remember hearing in a long time, even a new tune was played. The older I get (Yes, I am soon aproaching 40) the less I seem to have tolerance for going to shows (or make that tolerance for morans and drunks at shows) yet, I always look forward to seeing Social D. Everytime I see the band, I have fun and still love the music. Thank you Mr. Ness for still being cool, when the rest of us gave up on being cool many years ago! Viva Social Distortion!!!!!! Congrats on 30 years of true rock and roll. Social Distortion is without a doubt my favorite live band.