Show Review: 376

Well this was the first ASocial Distortion show I ever went to. I had been working @ Macy’s over the christmas hoilday, and i told myself if i was ever to see my favorite band, now is the time. The present is always better than the past. Unfortuntely i was dealing with a bad case of bloodclots, but that did not defer me from going, i had to go. It was a matter of life and death. I could have died knowing i saw my favorite band. I took my best friend with me. I had wanted a Social Distortion tattoo since 1999. I will someday get it on my right arm. Back to the show, well they pretty much stick to the same set list as on their dvd, it was amazing to see them do their classic jams like- "Mommy little monster, Another state of mind, The creeps, Bad luck, Ring of Fire, ball and chain, some new jams from their yet title 2004 c.d., the mosh pit was insane. i had a great time, and anytime and everytime, i can afford to go, i will be @ every show. Social distortion are one of my all time favorites.