Show Review: 323

Very no-nonsense show. The band came out, napalmed the place, and left just as fast. Absolutely brutal, but only in that special way that Social D can deliver. Thankfully this crappy venue doesn’t exist anymore, but it was still an insane time with tons of crowd-surfing. I had intense bruises from the crush against the barricade, but it was worth it. Matt Freeman from Rancid played on bass, and he was great. Here’s the setlist: Ring of Fire, Reach For the Sky, Under My Thumb, Highway 101, Mommy’s Little Monster, The Creeps, Cold Feelings, When She Begins, Don’t Take Me For Granted, Prison Bound, Telling Them, Making Believe, Sick Boy, Ball & Chain / Nickels & Dimes, Story of My Life. Footprint on My Ceiling and Don’t Drag Me Down were on the setlist but I don’t think they got played.