Show Review: 311

I was living in Houston at the time, 2 old friends were in town. We got tickets to the show. The Astros played a crucial wild card race game against the Cards. We listened to the AM radio for the final strike. They won, so the mood was set, we were ecstatic our team was in the one step closer to the play-offs and we were about to relive old times. As we slammed the doors and headed in we all began reliving the glory days out loud we felt 17 again. That feeling wouldn’t leave us till we were home the next day. As we ran in through the merch. area we noticed at a quick glimpse it was empty. We soon realized why. At the very moment we hit that crowd at the large entry to the main room SD opened up! It started with Ring of fire. I was so high without any narcotics, it was an ethereal symphonic blitzkrieg if you can paint that picture. The three of us pushed, pulled, line-kicked, and rumbled through the night all the while with a grin from ear to ear. I don’t know if that dreamlike feeling will ever return….kinda hope it doesn’t. It was a night that should be alone on the top shelf in technicolor. Thank you Social D.