Show Review: 305

Ive seen Social D live 8 times. This was the first time i saw Social D. live, it was and still is the best concert i have ever been to, seeing against me! before they became big was amazing, as i recall, there were only about 8 total against me! fans, no one else was watching them. Social D opened up with Ring of Fire, and i soaked my panties. Never before had i been to such an amazing show, I miss California, Texas isnt the same in the sense that all the people here are dicks, and in Califas, everyone is down, and passes the joint, haha and plus, Social D hardly ever comes to Texas :( but theyre always playin in Cali, i mean its theyre home, and my home. Social D has been playin for over 30 years, and i hope they play another 30 years to come. Favorite band of all time, theyll always have a special place in my heart. p.s. oh and i didnt see comminuque heard they werent very good.