Show Review: 291

You’ll notice that this show is in California and I’m from Pennsylvania. This is not a typo. Social Distortion is my favorite band ever, and it just so happens that a childhood friend of mine plays in the opening act, the Mercy Killers. When I found out about the show a couple of months prior, I had a crazy thought that I REALLY should be there for it. So I scraped together some money, and my father (also a huge Social D fan) and I headed to California (first time for me). Anyhow, the show was absolutely amazing because, not only was I on my first trip out of the Eastern Time Zone, but they opened the show with the entire "Mommy’s Little Monsters" album. All nine songs. They then jumped into Reach For The Sky and Highway 101, which were relatively new at the time. All things considered, this was the best show, of any band, I’ve ever attended. Absolutely amazing.