Show Review: 194

I was just becoming a punk, new to this style I wasnt sure what it was like it was my first punk concet. I was a 19yrs old, I had my hair slicked backed with my black leatherjacket on freezing my ass off waiting in line to see social distortion. within the first ten minutes of the show I get punched in the face by the singer of the opening band. it was on accident,he was on the edge of the railin n throws his hand in the air, and catches me right on the nose. I loved the energy of this style I had just discovered at the time, I was into classic rock n was getting bored with it, I knew this music was amazing n it spoke to me n the energy was amazing. as the clock ticked closer to socila distortions set more ppl piled in. it was back pretty tight with people. I was now sweating my ass off with my black leather jacket on. lol.The opening bands I dont remeber much about, social distortion comes out. I go bat shat crazy, here is this that I relate to that their music speaks to me, that lets me vent out rage n agression, n pain. standing 7 feet away from me. I havent been the same since. lol. I remember a drunk guy to m right throws his shirt on stage n it lands right on top of mikes head, Mike pulls the shirt down n throws it back at the guy, then says " what do I look like you’re fucking mother, u want me to do ur fucking laundry" The crowd erupts in laughter.I dont recall all the songs played,but I rememmber reach for the sky in the beginning, ring of fire as the last song, and the classic sd songs in the middle, I recall a new song called bakersfield being played. which I hope they put out on a new record soon. { hint hint hint mike} I just remember being so blown away by the show and singing along to all the songs. It has totally inspired me, and their still one of my favorite bands. the songs are so powerful and the lyrics have so much meaning. I have seen them play twice and I cant wait to see em again. So to mike ness and the rest of social distortion I thank you!