Show Review: 176

Social Distortion has been my favorite rock and roll band for 20 years now and have seen them countless times throughourt the years. This particular show was probably one of my all time favorites. This line-up Mike Ness has is simply the best incarnation Social Distortion has ever had. You got the best rock and roll drummer, Charlie Q, "El Guapo," around that is the most professional drummer out there as well as Brent Harding on electric and upright bass that can sing his ass off with his strong back-up and lead vocals. Mr. Jonny "Two Bags" Wickersham is superb on lead and rythm. guitar as well as his strong back-up vocals too. And lets not forget Mr. Danny McGough on the B-3 organ, piano, and more recently the accordian. Yeah, who would have ever thought that a punk rock band from Orange County would eventually morphed into the greatest rock and roll band of all time? Not Mike Ness, especially back in 1979. Happy Anniversary Social D.!