Show Review: 168

I am posting this review well after the fact so forgive me for the lack of details. Incredible performance and fantastic setlist. I, along with my three sons have been to a number of Social Distortion shows. We also saw Mike at the Trocadero in Phila. on his recent solo tour. I can state, unequivocally, that SD is among the top live bands in all of rock/punk music. The combination of passion, energy, intensity and talent is second to none. I am a big fan of all sorts of music. I have been to what seems like thousands of live shows. There are, however, only a couple of bands that I check on religiously to see what there tour schedule is and one of them is SD! I would like to thank Mike Ness for putting out great music, the fantastic live performances and for having provided a wonderful soundtrack to our lives.I am looking forward to a new SD record and seeing the band at the musink festival. I encourage anyone who is a fan of "real" music, rock, punk or otherwise, to check this band out!