Show Review: 140

This was my second SD show & from then on I’ve decided to see them any time I could. The Supersuckers were great, really warmed up the crowd. I met Eddie Spagetti at the intermission & picked up two of their CDs. I’d never heard any of their songs before. What a great mix of Sex Pistols & 70’s era AC/DC! Just an awesome band. Then SD took the stage! I was up in the balcony, the front row, center, it was a great seat! Sounded great, looked great. I could just soak it all in. Can’t wait for "Bakersfield" to be put on an album! Awesome song! I took my ex-fiance (she called it off two weeks prior) and after the show we had some intense Break Up Sex! And THAT was better than it had been all year! Thanks Mr. Ness!!!