Show Review: 130

A couple things of note: Mike had a broken arm and couldn’t play guitar, so the band played as a 5-piece. I was shocked at how long they played, but the coolest thing was they opened with the entire "Mommy’s Little Monster" LP in order, from start to finish. When they finished Mike cooly said "we’re just getting warmed up" and they played for at least an hour more. Here’s the setlist: The Creeps, Another State of Mind, Wasn’t a Pretty Picture, Telling Them, Hour of Darkness, Mommy’s Little Monster, Anti-Fashion, All the Answers, Moral Threat, Sick Boy, Under My Thumb, Reach for the Sky, Highway 101, King of Fools, Story Of My Life, When the Angels Sing, Cold Feelings, Bye Bye Baby, Ball & Chain, Ring of Fire. GREAT show!