Show Review: 105

I had bought 4 tickets to go see Social D as christmas gifts for my close friends. I was going out with this guy at the time and he mentioned he had never been, and a friend of mine was being a debbie downer so I gave his ticket to the guy I was dating. He had asked me to be his girl 2x before that night. Finally during "Highway 101" he asked me and I said yes. After the show he had bought me a sweater not realizing it was the blvd one, and also not realizing how significant that song is for us. 2 years later we are still going strong and planning our wedding. Of course I am hiring a string courtet to play "highway 101". Social D has always been a huge influence on my life, and now even more than ever. Thanks guys for all the good times. It’s amazing how yuo guys bring people together, even meeting other fans. I have made new friends from going to your shows it’s crazy!