Show Review: 104

This was the first Social D concert for my boyfriend and I. He has been a fan since the early eighties and I became a fan tonight. He had no luck in attending your shows in his youth so I thought it was about time he went, I tried to get a friend of his to go with him since I was not a big fan. The extent of my listening was Story of my life and Ball and Chain. His friend had to be in Vegas that night so now I was attending ( unwilling mind you), I kept hearing how lucky I was but could not get other takers (busy). NOW, the point. It was the best FN show I had ever been to and up front center against the rails no less. I immediately got tickets to the Ventura show Jan 9th and could not listen to anything else for the next 6 months. Winners and Losers by far my favorite then Footprints on my Ceiling and Highway 101. Anywhere between LA and Santa Barbara we are there. Thank you guys for the great music and great shows and thanks to my boyfriend for my introduction to SOCIAL DISTORTION (kicking and screaming).