Mommy’s Little Monster

1983 | 13th Floor


  • Guitar, Vocals Mike Ness
  • Guitar Dennis Danell
  • Bass Brent Liles
  • Drums Derek O’Brien
  • Producer Chaz Ramirez
  • Organ Chaz Ramirez


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  1. The Creeps
  2. Another State Of Mind
  3. It Wasn't A Pretty Picture
  4. Telling Them
  5. Hour Of Darkness
  6. Mommy's Little Monster
  7. Anti-Fashion
  8. All The Answers
  9. Moral Threat


Recorded and engineered at the CASBAH, 12/24/82 in Fullerton; “Home of the Electric Guitar”. All songs written by Social Distortion.

The Distortions wish to thank all the great people who gave of themselves & gave us shelter during out tour of ’82, to everyone else who helped us out along the way, many thanks to Monk, to Peter, Adam, Sheryl & a special thanx to the punk scene who we helped build & who helped build us.