Greatest Hits

2007 | Time Bomb Recordings


  • Vocals, Guitars Mike Ness
  • Guitars Dennis Danell, Jonny “2 Bags” Wickersham
  • Bass Brent Liles, John Maurer, Brent Harding
  • Drums Derek O’Brien, Christopher Reece, Charlie Quintana


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  1. Another State Of Mind
  2. Mommy's Little Monster
  3. Prison Bound
  4. Story Of My Life
  5. Ball And Chain
  6. Ring Of Fire
  7. Bad Luck
  8. When The Angels Sing
  9. I Was Wrong
  10. Reach For The Sky
  11. Far Behind


This Greatest Hits album is the FIRST EVER career spanning collection from Social Distortion. The new single “Far Behind” was recorded just for this album. But, as always with Social D, there is more to say and more to do.

Dennis Danell plays Guitar on tracks 1-3. Jonny Wickersham plays Guitar on tracks 4-12. Brent Liles plays Bass on tracks 1 and 2. John Maurer plays Bass on tracks 3 and 10. Brent Harding plays Bass on tracks 4-9, 11 and 12. Derek O’Brien drums on track 3. Christopher Reece drums on track 3. Charlie Quintana drums on tracks 4-12.