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Sun, Jun 23, 2013
Brooklyn, New York @ Warsaw
brian from


Social I haven't seen a show this good in years. Tonight you guys took me back years at the Warsaw. Mt first punk show ever, July 1988, was you with HR of Bad Brains. You have been one of my favourite if NOT my favourite band over the years. At times tonight for me it was 1988 again. I have had my own issues with addiction, divorce, loss...your words and music always hits home with me. Was so good to be in the room with you guys again, singing along and feeling at home. Sad that it may be awhile to be in that room again...but I will be there soon enough. Don't ever stop making music and touring...

Marco from
Stony Brook


Absolutely great! From the Venue (Warsaw) to the food, beer, merchandise everything was f'n awesome! SD played many of their great hits and DH/Cheap Times held their own to have made it such a memorable night. Definitely looking forward to catching them again!

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