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Sat, Jun 29, 2013
Fort Wayne, Indiana @ Piere's
Donna Sedar from


Up close with my sons and Mike and the band was a hometown bar experience I will forever cherish! Rocked Ft Wayne hope to see SD again ....

Phil Snover from
Fort Wayne


Had been looking forward to this show for months. I was not let down at all. I missed most of Dave Hause. But Cheap Time, holy sh#t. They rocked fast and hard with no breaks in music for at least a half hour. Great warm up for the main event. Some people I talked to said they always worry about older bands still playing. I don't know what Social D played like 20 years ago, but they still rocked out. The event area was ridiculously hot, but they played hard for almost 2 hours. Played a little bit of everything. Sounded like they hit a couple songs from most of their albums. The sound was great. The energy was awesome. Mike said they would be back to Fort Wayne again, I hope he meant that. I would pay double to see them again. Thanks for coming this way guys and I look forward to seeing you again.

Chris Adams from
Van Wert


You guys absolutely brought it! So glad to see you come to this area and PLEASE come again. I've been in the same band "Fortress" for 22 years and love your sound / tone. Also brought my 23 year son who is also a musician. We loved it! Keep on Rockin!

Sick Boy Sam from
Fort Wayne


One of the funnest shows I've been to. I would of like to of seen more tracks from Mommy's Little Monster and I was sad that they didn't play "Prison Bound." But the set list was still real strong. The highlights for me were when the whole crowd sung along the chorus to "When She Begins" it gave me chills man! And it was awesome when everyone was moshing to Ring of Fire. The set also included Cold Feelings, So Far Away, Ball & Chain, and a lot of other great songs. I'm not a huge fan of Piere's but Social D needs to come back through Indiana real soon.

Jim & Aileen Hartway from


Social D playing at Pier's, first time in Fort Wayne and we were there early so we had great seats and the sound was excellent. I think the crowd made the band feel very welcome and hopefully it won't be the last time the band plays there. Following them from Columbus last night on our own summer tour, back to back shows making our summer great! Waiting to see when your next tour begins....can't wait.

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