Show Review: 752

I flew halfway around the world from Thailand to see this Social D. show in Tilburg, Netherlands. Tilburg is a small university town in the middle of The Netherlands with a nice little venue, 013, which is were Social D. were playing that night. As I arrived, early afternoon, I was hanging out in the Hotel lobby and out comes Mr. Ness himself, making his way to soundcheck. I got to shake hands with the man, what a legend. Amazingly, no one was aware of who he was. Down to earth, calm , collected, focused and determined, he was. It was an honour to meet the person responsible for the soundtrack of my life for the past 7 yrs! Then came the real kick in the balls, Social D. live in a small club….What a tight band, and the holy grail of all tones. After the show, I got to briefly meet Brent Harding and Dave Hidalgo jr., what accomplished players they are and yet so humble. It was truly a pleasure and I would fly halfway around the world to see them again. More importantly it gave me inspiration to start writing and playing guitar again. Long live Social D., reap your rewards, you have paid your dues Mike.