Show Review: 521

Show was awesome, the place was packed. Mike Ness looked and sounded great. It looks like he has lost some weight and it shows in his performance. Sadly, no 1945, but I had to jump in the pit for Mommy’s Little Monster. They started the set with The Creeps and surprisingly, performed Ring of Fire about 1/3 of the way through. Finished with one encore of Makin’ Believe, Nickels and Dimes and, finally, The Story of My Life. The opening bands were good. Another great punk band, The Strangers out of Sacramento preceded by a band called Middle Age Rut. Middle Age Rut are basically 2 kids with a guitar and drum kit and that’s it. But man do they make up for it in energy. Especially the drummer. I thought he was going to pound right through the skins.