Another State Of Mind (DVD)

2004 | Time Bomb Recordings


  • Director, Producer, Writer Adam Small, Peter Stuart
  • Bands Social Distortion, Youth Brigade, Minor Threat


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  1. "Opening Credits"
  2. "The Idea"
  3. "Preparations"
  4. "San Francisco"
  5. "Seattle"
  6. "Canada"
  7. "Fire Escape"
  8. "Winnipeg"
  9. "Montreal"
  10. "Chicago"
  11. "Detroit"
  12. "New York"
  13. "Washington D.C."
  14. "Baltimore"
  15. "Unraveling"
  16. "Going Home"


In the summer of 1982, video/filmmakers Peter Stuart and Adam Small came upon a large-scale project which immediately captured their imagination: The Better Youth Organization of Los Angeles was planning a North American Tour – eleven assorted punks traveling across the country in a broken down school bus. It was a chance to explore and document the punk rock community more extensively than ever before.

On August 17, 1982, armed with one production assistant, Stuart and Small set off in their rental truck on this journey through the underground.

For six weeks and ten thousand miles they recorded the adventures of the two touring bands – Youth Brigade and Social Distortion. More than just concert footage, this film documents the rich collection of characters in and around the tour, and the hardships and dangers of life on the road.